About Us

About Us

Huntley and Worden/Ballantine cable systems were acquired in June of 2000. At that time two separate cable systems comprising about 19 TV channels each were what he started with. Over the years, "Dan the Cable Man" has transformed this small rural cable company into a real telecommunications company with services rivaling those of any big city but with prices and friendly service traditionally small town. Incorporated in 2002, VIKING Broadband, Inc. was first to bring broadband wireline internet service as well as wireless broadband service to the Huntley Project Valley and East Billings/Shepherd area. We now provide traditional cable television, MPEG4 digital high definition television, high speed broadband internet via cable or wireless, and digital telephone service. VIKING now employs two full time and 2 part time employees dedicated to our primary territory from East Billings to Pompey's Pillar.


30 miles of cable and 12 telecommunication tower sites that connect our customers to the world via television, telephone and Internet. Regular maintenance and the best telecommunications components ensures that our customers enjoy high reliability and a strong, clear signal.

Our service area is expanding. You may also contact us to get the latest information on service availability in your area.