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Get reliable internet service at your home in Billings and surrounding areas

These days, having access to television, telephone and internet service is more than a luxury. You rely on technologies like these to get through your day. Luckily, VIKING Broadband, Inc. is here to provide exceptional connectivity services to residents of Billings and surrounding areas. Our coverage rivals that of big corporations, while our customer service remains personal.

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What makes us a leading broadband provider?

What makes us a leading broadband provider?

Now more than ever, it's important to stay connected. The pros at Viking Broadband can:

  • Bring the thrill of the silver screen to you with cable television services.
  • Connect you to the web with wireless, high-speed internet services.
  • Keep you in touch with your loved ones with digital phone services.

Plus, with great deals on bundles, we'll help you get all the services you need for the best possible price. Learn more about our available packages by contacting us now.

Why should you choose Viking Broadband?

When you're looking for truly custom broadband services, choose a provider that knows all the ins and outs of technology. For almost two decades, we've been providing Montana residents with exceptional coverage, state-of-the-art equipment and prompt repair services. We have a background in technology, and we look to the future when it comes to keeping up with the latest tech trends.

Do you have questions about your broadband service? Call 406-794-0875 today to speak with a helpful member of our local staff.


VIKING Broadband, Inc. is your growing Billings and surrounding areas cable television company with services rivaling big city companies. We provide wireless internet, cable tv and telephone service in south central Montana. East and west of Billings, Montana, and along the Yellowstone River VIKING serves the Yellowstone County communities of Huntley, Worden, Ballantine and Hysham with cable service. Outlying areas, Shepherd into Billings, downriver to Pompey's Pillar and Hysham as well as up river to Laurel, Park City, Joliet and beyond are served via our towers and wireless communication system.

We are known for satisfied customers and the best prices around. Call today and speak with us about our top speed internet plans or our convenient digital phone service. Get a heck of a bargain with a combo package! All from your friendly, local, independent cable company.